Monday, January 12, 2009

You Might Be a Dog Lover If...

You own dog socks. Three pairs.

When people ask, you can show them photos of your dog, but somehow you don't have any recent ones of your kids.

Every pocket you own has a dog treat in it.

Your Christmas tree has ornaments that you've painted to look exactly like your dog.

It's easier to know what to buy your dog for Christmas, than what to get your family.

You bought a purse because you knew you could use the photo windows to showcase your favorite puppy pictures.

Your cell phone plays a puppy video when you open it.

It took you longer to decide on the perfect name for your dog than for your children.

A "relationship building" class refers to your dog, not your spouse.

When visitors complain about the blonde dog hair on their black slacks, you suggest that they invest in tan pants or Levis instead.

You smile when you go to bed because you have a puppy pillowcase on which to lay your head.

You sewed breed-specific pillowcases for your neighbor girls as soon as they got their puppy. And learned how to spell Shih Tsu properly.

When you travel, your preference is by car with a dog-friendly itinerary.

Your former canines reside on the bookcase in wooden boxes engraved with their names, which you touch tenderly each time you dust.

You'll park in the shade of a tree even if it means you have to walk three times as far to the store. Then you speed shop so she won't be out there a second longer than necessary.

You know everyone at the dog park by their dog's name instead of their human name(i.e. Cody's dad, Tootsie Roll's mom, etc.).

When you have to fly somewhere, you call the dogsitter so you can talk to your dog. Every day.

You celebrate your dog's birthday and anniversary. At home AND at work.

You don't bake cookies for your human family, you bake dog treats for training sessions instead.

Your birthday wish list consists of more doggy items than jewelry, clothing, and "toys". Combined.

Your dog has her own blog.

Your favorite parts of the day somehow involve your dog.

Guilty on all counts, and loving every minute of it.

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