Thursday, June 11, 2009

Monster Evisceration

Mom went for a long walk this morning. Without us.

Fortunately she left our monster toy outside for us to play with. So we played with it.
Actually, Zelda played with it, not me...well, maybe I tugged on it just a little bit.

Zelda chewed off the monster's toe a couple of months ago. This week she amputated his leg. Today she chewed his head off his body. Then it was really easy to pull out all the stuffing inside.

Mom was sure surprised when she came back from her walk and found the monster strewn all over the new sod! She didn't get mad though; she just commented that we had created a new tug toy. We have a pretty nice mom. Zelda and I learned a new word though: eviscerate. Every dog should expand her vocabulary.

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