Thursday, February 26, 2009

Favorite Dog Blogs

Good dogs will always find each other--even in the blogosphere! Or should that be dogosphere?

Today we added our favorite daily reads sniffs, and got a big happy surprise! We knew that Barby was getting a new puppy, a pyr shep born on Christmas Day, to be Xsara's sister. We kept checking her blog hoping for photos of the new puppy but there hadn't been anything new since early February. We figured no news probably meant good news--the puppy was home and taking all her time--but we didn't know for sure. Until today when we added her blog to our list and realized she had just posted about Tani! We are grinning ear to ear with delight. New puppies are one of our favorite happenings. Welcome, Tani!

Tani, aka Desiree de Loubajac, is a half-sister of La and we can already see the resemblance. If you haven't met La, along with Lo, Bi and Bu--you'll have to check out LoLaBu Land. Their mom Silvia is an incredible and inventive trainer. Her specialty is happy dogs! Our dream is to one day have a seminar with her.

All these dog friends live far away in Europe, alas. We love them anyway and delight in their antics and successes.

Tune in tomorrow for our favorite YouTube videos featuring our friends!

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