Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who She Smelled When I Returned

Airline miles make for a very cheap three-day weekend. Total cost to Albuquerque and back--$10! Gotta love it! Dogs don't get to fly, so Kharma had to stay home with Dad. I had plenty of canine company once I arrived.

First of all, Donner, the newest member of the family--New Mexico branch. Donner's a recent rescue--part golden, part lab. He wasn't too sure when I walked in the house after midnight and let out a few questioning woofs. I won him over with lots of rubs and sweet talk and frequent tuna fudge treats during my visit though.

He has a very wise look when he's at rest and grins nonstop when he's out on a hike. Well, nonstop smiles unless his best friend and partner is sitting on top of a twenty-foot granite outcrop without him. This look clearly said, "Dude! How'd you get up there and why didn't you invite me?"

He was much happier once he was up there too.He may be considered a "senior" in the adoption world, but he has enough energy to accompany his BFF on daily two mile morning runs. He's been known to chase the local deer herd through the hills before he decides to check back in with his main man.

He has a nice sit, a good down, and the beginnings of a spin. The rumbling lecture he gives after his partner takes off and abandons him for any length of time at all leaves no doubt that he's given his whole heart to my son. I wonder if Kharma could smell the love between them when she had her nose glued to my jeans when I got back?!

I know she was wondering why I didn't take her along to play with Romeo (that's him up on the rock with Donner and my son. Romeo may be a teacup poodle, but he has enough heart to hang with us during a three-hour hike up hill and down.

Kharma loves to steal his toys and play keep away during our visits. The two of them will run a circular pattern through the kitchen and around the living room over and over and over. When Romeo begins to give up, Kharma will slow down so he can catch up, usually staying just far enough ahead that Romeo can grab her tail plume but get nowhere near his stolen toy.

The last scent that I brought home was that of Juicy, the toy poodle pup. She's a cute fluffy apricot bundle of undisciplined energy. She's a member of our extended family and we were puppy-sitting for a couple of days. Donner not only tolerates her, but actually likes her--puppy craziness and all.

Here they are, cuddled up together on the pillow in front of the fireplace. Donner, you're such a good dog!

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