Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Otherwise known as Things I Dig (thanks for the cool pun, Johann)!

Mom's turn to post:

We call it her Frisbee, but really it is a nice soft fabric Floppy Disc, perfect for a dog to catch. Her favorite one is the big (expensive) faux watermelon slice. Kharma likes any disk that can be thrown, but she knows and likes hers the best. It's one of the few things that she is possessive about. If we throw it, and her best friend is chasing it too, Kharma will accelerate to catch it before Echo. Echo is bigger and faster and a very good Frisbee dog, but Kharma has the drive to get HER Frisbee no matter what it takes.

Dad can throw the disk really far, but Kharma is equal to the task of catching it no matter how far it flies. Good catch, Kharma!

A New Friend

On Christmas Eve, we were fortunate enough to help our neighbors surprise their girls. They picked up the puppy early in the day and dropped him off at our house. Figuring that the puppy was undergoing enough changes, we put Kharma and Zelda in their crates while we were puppy-sitting!

As prearranged, they went for a short walk. While they were gone, we snuck in their house and hid Zeke and his crate (festooned in a gigantic red bow) in a corner of the kitchen, then casually played in our backyard with the dogs while we listened for shouts of excitement and joy to float over the fence.

Naturally, I couldn't resist filming a little bit of Zeke investigating our backyard.

We are hoping that Zeke becomes a favorite of our doggies.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hi! I'm Kharma. Welcome to my blog.

It's my Christmas present from mom. A blog isn't as yummy as the delicious bundt cake she left too close to the edge of the counter. Or as savory as the scraps from the filet mignon dinner she cooked for the rest of the family.

And it's not as fun as opening my presents. Opening them is almost as fun as playing with the new bones and rope from Santa.

My mom and I hope to post lots of canine fun for you to enjoy!

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