Monday, March 29, 2010

Good News

Just wanted to thank everyone who kept their paws crossed that Echo would get better soon.

She's home now with her family. She can't have any doggy visitors yet and gets her temperature taken twice a day and has hot packs too. But she's very glad that people food is back on the menu and she loves sleeping on her mom and dad's bed too.

It's still a mystery what caused her sickies, but the medicine is helping her get better and stronger. I'm so happy for my friend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Paws Crossed

Kharma's BFF needs your good wags. Echo collapsed Sunday and has been in ICU with an undiagnosed ailment (symptoms: abcesses, pustules, ear infection, high fever) and our neighbors don't know if she'll make it. We are all hoping the blood work shows something that can be treated.

We've combed the Internet and gone through back issues of The Whole Dog Journal looking for clues.  Parvo vaccination?  Systemic bacterial infection?  Staph?  Something caught at her last grooming session?  Allergic reaction?  She hasn't been anywhere new, changed diet, or gotten into garden trouble.  It's all a mystery that we hope gets solved soon.

Echo taught Kharma about playing nicely with other dogs.  The girls love to play frisbee and we laugh when one of them catches the frisbee then they both carry it back to us.  It's real cooperation!  I puppysat Echo when she was a little black fluffball of a baby.  We feel like she's part of our extended family.
Join us and keep your paws crossed for a happy ending.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I just prescribed a large dose of happiness for myself.
Nothing else could be better at banishing my blahs than a summery photo of my happy little girl.  I'm feeling lighter already.  Excuse me while I go downstairs and give her a cuddle.

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