Thursday, July 30, 2009

Kharma Cousins

Border collies run in the family.Okay, sometimes they just lie in the shade and chew sticks.

Mom visited these two guys, Ruff #3 and Time, and she didn't take me. I smelled a lamb dinner on her when she returned. Doubly unfair!

Time was bred by Mom's uncle who's trained champion Sheep Dogs. Time cost about fifty times more than me, but Mom says I'm actually priceless.

I would believe her more if she'd pulled some nice tender lamb scraps out of her pocket. Sheep dog, smeep dog, I know what lambie pies are actually for (and it's not herding).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bed Time

Vegetable bed? The baby green bean plants will probably bounce back. And if they don't, I don't like green beans much anyways.

Flower bed? I think Mom planted these petunias just because they'd look good in case I laid down here. She knows pink is flattering to my complexion.Dog bed? Aaah yes, nice warm sunshine. I can nap here and add some nice blonde highlights to my freshly-washed coat at the same time.

Mom loves me anyway.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

My mornings are filled with dogs--just not with my dog. (I can walk with my walking partner and get some exercise or I can walk Kharma. She gets her walk later when I can give her my full attention and where she can be off-leash and run to her heart's content.)

While Kharma stays at home eating her breakfast, we never know what dogs we will meet. Apparently this is Great Dane week--yesterday an eight-week-old puppy the color of a Weimaraner and today two grey-and-black adults. Their size amazes me each time I see them. What are the odds of seeing three big dogs in two days?!

We've met Yorkies and mini-Cockers and Lhaso Apsos and German shepherds. We've rescued a poodle who somehow got separated from his owner. We've met some rare breeds, at least in our neck of the woods. The breed we meet most often? Probably Labs followed closely by Border Collies.

We've met some really cute crosses too. My favorites were a Schnoodle (Schnauser x Poodle) and a Westie x Poodle (does that make her a Woodle or a Pestie?). Good thing the Queen Mother didn't see that Schnoodle or our dog family would be just a bit larger!Speaking of crosses, nothing is smarter or more fun than a Jack Russell x Rat Terrier. Big dog/little package! I still miss her after thirty plus years. (On the other hand, the less said about our headstrong and extremely friendly Cockapoo the better! She was undoubtedly the most challenging dog my family had when I was a kid.)

Back to the present. Although we are supposed to be exercising on our walks and keeping our heart rates up, we can't resist stopping (how old is he? what's her name? what breed is she? where'd you get him?) for each and every puppy we encounter. Our walks probably last an extra thirty minutes due to puppy meet and greets.

Kharma and Zelda both greet me at the gate, delighted with all the wonderful new doggy smells I bring home just for them. My pleasure, girls.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


Dad thinks our crates stink. In fact, he suspects that Zelda is pooping in her bed. (She's not.)

What he's really smelling is ditchwater from our nightly pasture romp. Our undersides are fairly black after we splash through the irrigation ditch. It's so warm that we just hang out in the backyard to dry off before Mom lets us in the the night. Mom thinks the black has something to do with all the cowpies around. (She might be right.)

It's a conundrum. If we have the pleasure of a pasture romp, it means a cold water bath when we get home. Zelda doesn't mind; she thinks it's a chase-the-water game. Mom can't fool me though. And I don't even like warm baths. Mom says that she's not washing our pillows again for another month so we have to get washed off. If only there was a clear stream I could run through instead!

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