Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pink Paws

Is there anything sweeter than memories of your new little love? I read this old post and melted...

From 4/21 /06

she's sitting in my lap,napping, as i type one handed so there will be no capital letters today.

she doesn't have a name yet, but we have a list of possibilities going. she's smart and loves exploring her new world. life from a puppy's point of view is magical, i am finding. grass is wondrous. a leaf is amazing. a breeze can create toys to chase around the yard. a scrub jay high in the pin oak should be studied carefully. i am living on puppy time.

she explores EVERYTHING! we have picked up "stuff" in anticipation of a pup, but she is finding things we never thought about: dead ants around the maple, the part of the chair glide that sticks out beyond the chair leg, the texture of the braided rug. nothing is safe.

she follows us everywhere. she curls up at our feet. she naps on our laps.

we are wearing old shirts so she can sleep surrounded by our scent tonight. we hope to have a more restful night. she's just a baby and we are as sleep deprived as any new parent. and like any new parents we can't believe how wonderful she is. we've memorized her freckles, her patches, her texture.

we smile all the time.

1 comment:

  1. CRYING. Thant was so beautiful, I remember puppy smell, curling up on a mattress on the floor with my new fur baby, checking they are still bvreathing. I cant wit to have another puppy one daY.
    i THINK mAJOR WILL BE SLEEPING IN OUr room tonight for cuddles x
    Lovely blog. Sweet dog x


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